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Liu Menglong


The "Health and Fitness Recovery Act of 2020" jointly launched by the U.S. congressmen of both parties recently is tantamount to injecting a booster to the American fitness industry, which is struggling in adversity. It is reported that the bill will set up a recovery fund totaling up to 30 billion U.S. dollars to alleviate the destructive impact of the new crown epidemic on the US fitness industry.

双方美国国会议员最近共同发起的《 2020年健康与健身恢复法》,无异于为在困境中挣扎的美国健身业注入了动力。据报道,该法案将设立总额达300亿美元的回收基金,以减轻新的王冠流行对美国健身业的破坏性影响。

As the four major gym chains, including Gold's Gym, Anytime Fitness, FlyWheel and Town Sports International, successively announced their bankruptcy protection, the American fitness industry suffered the coldest winter. According to the International Federation of Health, Sports and Clubs (hereinafter referred to as IHRSA) previously predicted that as many as 25% of American fitness clubs will face permanent closure by the end of 2020. This is a disaster for the American fitness industry, which had a total of 40,000 clubs in its heyday. Once the new version of the bill is passed, it will greatly ease the sluggish status of the beauty fitness industry.

随着包括Gold's Gym,Anytime Fitness,FlyWheel和Town Sports International在内的四家主要健身连锁店相继宣布破产保护,美国健身行业遭受了最寒冷的冬天。根据国际健康,体育和俱乐部联合会(以下简称IHRSA)的先前预测,到2020年底,多达25%的美国健身俱乐部将永久关闭。这对美国健身行业来说是一场灾难,在鼎盛时期共有40,000个俱乐部。新法案通过后,将大大缓解美容健身行业的低迷状态。

The former Gold's Gym is crowded and lively


As of 14:00 on October 7, Beijing time, according to relevant data from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of new crown in the United States reached 7,722,746, which is still the highest in the world. Affected by the epidemic, the road to economic recovery in various industries in the United States is full of thorns, among which the fitness industry is quite representative.


Although since the end of August, many fitness venues in the United States have gradually resumed some operations, due to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, most of the gyms are only allowed to restore 33% of the passenger flow, and the opening dates of gyms in some high-risk areas have been delayed. drag. According to IHRSA data, as of September 1, 2020, the number of fitness venues in the United States that have been permanently closed due to the impact of the new crown epidemic has reached 2,616, and the cumulative revenue loss of the US fitness industry has exceeded $13.9 billion.


As early as the beginning of May this year, Gold's Gym, a veteran American fitness giant that has been in operation for more than half a century, first filed for bankruptcy protection and permanently closed its 32 stores. In a related bankruptcy document, its liabilities amounted to 100 million US dollars. Two months later, Gold's Gym was acquired by the German fitness brand RSG Group for $100 million. (Extended reading:)

早在今年5月初,已经运营了半个多世纪的美国老牌健身巨人Gold's Gym首次申请破产保护,并永久关闭了其32家商店。在相关的破产文件中,其债务总额为1亿美元。两个月后,Gold's Gym以1亿美元的价格被德国健身品牌RSG Group收购。 (扩展阅读:)

Founded in 1965, Gold's Gym was overwhelmed and finally had no choice but to file for bankruptcy protection

成立于1965年的Gold's Gym不堪重负,最终别无选择,只能申请破产保护

Another fitness giant, Anytime Fitness, crashed to the ground in June when the epidemic was the worst in the United States. Although at first its 24 Hour Fitness only announced the closure of 130 gyms directly operated by it in the United States (extended reading: ), there are no more eggs in the nest. Anytime Fitness Asia, which accounted for 30% of the overall share, was subsequently acquired by the Asian consortium Inspire Brands Asia (IBA). At present, the Asian region after the change of ownership has more than 250 stores in China, Singapore, Malaysia and other places, and the main franchise model.

另一位健身巨人Anytime Fitness在6月流行在美国最严重的时候坠毁了。尽管起初它的24小时健身仅宣布关闭了它直接在美国运营的130个体育馆(扩展阅读:),但巢里没有鸡蛋了。随后,亚洲健身集团Inspire Brands Asia(IBA)收购了占亚洲市场份额30%的随时健身。目前,所有权变更后的亚洲地区在中国,新加坡,马来西亚等地拥有250多家门店,并且是主要的特许经营模式。

In September, FlyWheel, the second largest boutique cycling fitness studio in the United States, which has been established for more than ten years, filed for bankruptcy protection and announced the permanent closure of its 42 cycling studios. You know that as a strong competitor of SoulCycle, FlyWheel has secured the second place in the American bicycle studio. But affected by the epidemic, FlyWheel announced that 1,176 of its 1,200 employees had been dismissed.


Prior to this, FlyWheel had once hoped that the American fitness giant Town Sports International would help. We must know that Town Sports International once owned 185 different brand fitness clubs such as New York and Boston, with a total of more than 600,000 fitness members. However, due to the rupture of the funding chain caused by the epidemic, Town Sports International, which had no cash to repay corporate debts, finally filed for bankruptcy protection on September 15. The fate of the two fitness giants ultimately reaching the same destination can't help but be embarrassing.

在此之前,FlyWheel曾经希望美国健身巨头Town Sports International提供帮助。我们必须知道,Town Sports International曾经拥有185个不同品牌的健身俱乐部,例如纽约和波士顿,共有600,000多名健身会员。但是,由于该流行病导致资金链断裂,没有现金来偿还公司债务的Town Sports International最终于9月15日申请破产保护。两家健身巨人最终到达同一目的地的命运可以不禁尴尬。

New York Sports Club under the parent company Town Sports

母公司Town Sports旗下的纽约体育俱乐部

It is undeniable that the new crown epidemic has virtually accelerated the development of American home fitness companies represented by Peloton and Mirror. (Extended reading:) But taking the four fitness giants mentioned above as examples, it is also an indisputable fact that the epidemic has caused a huge impact on offline gyms in the United States.

不可否认,新的王冠流行实际上加速了以Peloton和Mirror为代表的美国家庭健身公司的发展。 (扩展阅读:)但是,以上述四个健身巨人为例,这一流行病已经对美国的离线健身房造成了巨大影响,这也是不争的事实。

Even though a small number of fitness companies with real estate and listed company backgrounds represented by Equinox and Planet Fitness can temporarily survive the new crown epidemic, if they want to completely reverse the decline of the U.S. fitness industry, it is urgent for the government to help them.

即使少数拥有房地产和以Equinox和Planet Fitness为代表的上市公司背景的健身公司可以暂时度过新的皇冠流行时期,但如果他们想完全扭转美国健身行业的衰落,政府迫切需要采取行动。帮助他们。

On October 1, U.S. Democratic Rep. Michael Quigley from Illinois and Republican Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, representing Pennsylvania, jointly announced that they had formally submitted the "Health and Fitness Recovery Act of 2020." It is helping the US fitness industry to avoid the "destructive impact" of the new crown epidemic.

10月1日,来自伊利诺伊州的美国民主党众议员迈克尔·奎格利(Michael Quigley)和代表宾夕法尼亚州的共和党众议员布莱恩·菲茨帕特里克(Brian Fitzpatrick)共同宣布,他们已正式提交“ 2020年健康与健身恢复法”。它正在帮助美国健身行业避免新的王冠流行的“破坏性影响”。

Republican Representative Brian Fitzpatrick


Different from regions in the world where some industries have rebounded, the recovery of various industries in the United States has been fighting alone against the background of lack of government support and the threat of the new crown epidemic.


It is reported that the "Health and Fitness Recovery Act of 2020" will set up a $30 billion recovery fund to help offline gyms in the United States affected by the new crown epidemic tide over the difficulties. Once the bill is passed, the US government will grant 30 billion US dollars to fitness companies in the form of subsidies. As far as each fitness company is concerned, the upper limit of the subsidy it receives is 10% of the company's previous year's income or 10 million US dollars, whichever is lower.

据悉,《 2020年健康和健身恢复法案》将设立300亿美元的恢复基金,以帮助受新皇冠疫情影响的美国线下健身房摆脱困境。法案通过后,美国政府将以补贴的形式向健身公司拨款300亿美元。就每家健身公司而言,其获得的补贴上限是公司上一年度收入的10%或1000万美元,以较低者为准。

Recipient companies can use the aid in many fields such as wage costs, mortgage obligations to pay principal or interest, rent (including lease agreements), public utilities, and facility maintenance (including gym decoration to meet social distancing needs).


In addition, IHRSA is connecting operators in the fitness industry with members of Congress, so that the related bills they co-sponsored will be more vocal. Although it coincided with the US presidential election, the Democrats and Republicans, with the mediation of IHRSA's interim president and CEO Brent Darden and board member Jim Worthington, have rarely reached an unanimous goal of cooperation on related bills. .

此外,IHRSA正在将健身行业的运营商与国会议员联系起来,以使他们共同发起的相关法案更加明确。尽管这与美国总统大选相吻合,但在IHRSA临时总统兼首席执行官布伦特·达登(Brent Darden)和董事会成员吉姆·沃辛顿(Jim Worthington)的调解下,民主党和共和党人很少达成有关法案合作的一致目标。 。

Brent Darden, interim president and CEO of IHRSA

IHRSA临时总裁兼首席执行官Brent Darden

In an interview, Republican Congressman Fitzpatrick said, “Unlike many other industries that are also affected by the new crown epidemic, the fitness industry cannot find new ways to obtain new sources of income. Many clubs in the fitness industry are eagerly awaiting the introduction of relevant bills and policies. assistance."


Democratic Rep. Quigley added, “The Health and Fitness Recovery Act of 2020 will be a life-saving straw for practitioners in the fitness industry, which has been almost destroyed by the economic impact of the new crown epidemic. We have an obligation to ensure the gym. Have the resources needed to survive the crisis and meet people's fitness demands."

民主党众议员Quigley补充说:“ 2020年健康和健身恢复法将是健身行业从业人员的救命稻yobo娱乐官方网站草,新皇冠疫情的经济影响几乎摧毁了该行业。我们有义务确保健身房。拥有在危机中生存并满足人们的健康需求所需的资源。”

Democratic Rep. Quigley


IHRSA interim president and CEO Brent Darden welcomed the bill. He said, “We are grateful to Fitzpatrick and Quigley for their key efforts. Compared with many industries, they hope to obtain the federal government’s approval. In the second round of assistance, most of the fitness industry has not even received the first round of assistance. In this context, thousands of fitness practitioners will face the risk of unemployment."

IHRSA临时总裁兼首席执行官Brent Darden对该法案表示欢迎。他说:“我们感谢菲茨帕特里克和奎格利的关键努力。与许多行业相比,他们希望获得联邦政府的批准。在第二轮援助中,大多数健身行业甚至没有获得第一轮援助。在这种情况下,成千上万的健身从业者将面临失业的风险。”

According to the operating procedures of the U.S. Congress, all proposals must be reviewed by the House of Representatives and voted by the Senate before they can be sent to the President for signature, and the President has one vote to veto any proposal. When will the "Health and Fitness Recovery Bill 2020" jointly submitted by lawmakers from both parties come into effect? ​​Let us wait and see.

根据美国国会的运作程序,所有提案都必须经过众议院审查,并由参议院投票通过,然后才能发送给总统签名,总统有权对任何提案进行否决。双方立法者共同提交的《 2020年健康和健身恢复法案》何时生效?让我们拭目以待。