Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, and it's time for everyone to buy mooncakes and hairy crabs online.


Indeed, Chinese people still have a lot of obsessions in these traditional festivals. Whether giving gifts to customers, eating them by themselves, or visiting relatives and friends, buying mooncakes is a decision that will never go wrong.


Domestic moon cakes have also changed from the traditional five-nut and bean paste fillings to the "artifact" of leek that can be used as moon cakes.


The traditional plot is too big, once a year, mooncakes are eaten well, the family can be reunited, and everything else is not a problem.


Anyway, no matter what the filling is, it is considered auspicious to eat the symbolic food of the Reunion Festival.


My dad bought various moon cakes, moon cake coupons, hairy crabs and hairy crab coupons these days, and the circle of friends is full of similar related links.


There are also bargaining, sharing and likes, and promotional screenshots at discounts.


Some ate them on their own, and even called me to ask me if I would go back to eat. More often, they were gift certificates to people and colleagues and customers when they were going to visit relatives and friends.


Unstoppable buy buy buy.


My mom buys P2P, my dad buys moon cake coupons, and the whole family celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival together.


Many people know that the profit of moon cakes is so big that the combination of noodles and fillings can double to three times the price of a series of similar noodles such as dumplings, buns, and steamed buns.


The packaging is a little more exquisite, the promotion is a little bit, it is not uncommon to turn ten times eight times.


The same is true for Yuanxiao and Zongzi, but you have to buy it if you want to buy it, you have to buy it after 60, you also have to buy it after 00, and after 00 you have to share a circle of friends.


This is not surprising. The catering industry has already made huge profits, not just mooncakes, but also huge profits for everything, but mooncakes are ridiculous.


However, there is something outrageous than moon cakes, and that is moon cake coupons.


If the moon cake is a mere premium dim sum, then the moon cake coupon is an artifact of an empty glove white wolf pit leek.


It's not accurate to say that, it can't be called leek.


Because moon cake coupons circulate from "birth" to "new life", everyone gets the "moon cake" they want.


Why are many people recycling moon cake coupons?


Foodies only think about what to eat and how to eat, but some are busy making money, wondering how to make a fortune on the Mid-Autumn Festival.


Moon cake coupons have a short shelf life. Many people will not really use them to exchange moon cakes. It is more about unit welfare or human relations. Why do so many merchants recall moon cake coupons?


In fact, this is the last link in the mooncake coupon cycle.


The cycle of moon cake coupons is like this:


Suppose, a moon cake manufacturer produces a 100 yuan moon cake coupon and sells it to distributor A at a discounted price of 65 yuan, and consumer A, such as my dad, buys it at 80 yuan and transfers it as a gift Consumer B.


Consumer B, because he did not eat moon cakes, sold them to the scalpers at a discount of 40 yuan.


The merchants or scalpers that recovered the moon cake coupons sold them to the manufacturers for 50 yuan.


The moon cake coupons have returned to the manufacturers, completing the cycle from "birth" to "new life".


If you don’t understand what’s going on, if you omit the middle and just look at the beginning and the end, you will find that the mooncake manufacturer earns 65 yuan and spends 50 yuan, making 15 yuan in vain.


And from beginning to end, there is no shadow of moon cakes at all, only moon cake coupons.


This is not an empty glove. What is the white wolf?


If you still don’t understand, then put a picture and you can study it slowly.


In this picture, except for consumer A like my dad, who really paid 80 yuan to buy moon cake coupons, all the rest are making money out of nothing!


Hey, I just hate that I can't spend the Mid-Autumn Festival every day, otherwise I will definitely make a fortune.


But think about it, did my dad lose? It doesn't seem to be.


The favor of 80 yuan of moon cake coupons can not be bought with 80 yuan in a special favor society like our country.


Everyone is not worried about spending money on daily gift-giving. What is worried about is that there is no good name. There is no reason for such an upright reason for Mid-Autumn Festival.


Think about it again, besides my dad, who else has lost?


Some people might say that if there is really consumer A or B, take this gift certificate to buy moon cakes...


In addition to the fact that the scalpers can’t make money, there will be no impact on the moon cake coupon industry chain. Instead, what the manufacturers get is:


Profit from moon cake coupon + profit from selling moon cake.


Obviously, moon cake coupons are a financial product similar to futures. Whether it is a dealer or a scalper, it is completely part of the financial chain.


Of course, the dealer is the manufacturer.


Even if the moon cake coupons are not eventually recycled by the manufacturer, as long as they are issued, the manufacturer will earn money. It depends on where the industry chain is.


The difference from real futures commodities is that consumer A is no longer leeks in this link, but has joined the human relationship with Chinese characteristics.


In a purely financial concept, it is leeks, but if it is mixed with favors, no one is sighing for losses.


Consumer B received the moon cake gift certificate, and while regaining the profit of the moon cake, he owed a favor. Renqing is in China, so it can be regarded as a butterfly in the Amazon rainforest.


You flutter your wings slightly, maybe you can change a person's life.


Wait a minute, no one will really use mooncake coupons for futures, right? I don't carry this pot.


After such an experience, the profit of the empty glove white wolf of the moon cake factory has been very considerable, which does not include the money they paid for the actual sale of moon cakes.


The downturn in the real economy does not affect the festival economy.


KFC and Starbucks, Pizza Hut and Hi Tea have all gone to sea to make moon cakes. It can be seen that the profit of moon cakes is so appalling.


Starbucks moon cake gift box, the original price is 348 yuan for 6 and 598 yuan for 10.


Equivalent to RMB, 59.8 pieces.


Nima, mooncakes are selling outrageously when they are sold, and the use of quantifiers is getting more and more strange.


Everyone who has eaten Starbucks mooncakes knows that if you eat Starbucks mooncakes in one bite, there is still plenty of room to drink.


Don't ask how I know...


After all, Starbucks is a coffee seller, and the profit is not easy to calculate, so let's change one.


Everyone should have eaten Yuanzu cakes. The main cakes are dim sum moon cakes. We can see that his gross profit margin is between 60% and 66%.


Hey, the world of foodies is so exciting.


In fact, the net profit of ordinary moon cakes is not that high, and the gross profit margin is basically around 30%, and it is difficult to exceed 50%.


But if you include the mooncakes with buff bonus from brands and high-end gifts, the gross profit margin can exceed 60%. Last year, the gross profit margin of Guangzhou Restaurant Mooncake series products was as high as 62.27%; Yuanzu shares mooncake gift box gross profit margin reached 65.85%.


Still don’t understand how profitable it is to make mooncakes?


Let's put it this way, Yuanzu's net profit in the third quarter was 275 million yuan. You know, the company's annual profit last year was 247 million yuan, and the net profit in the first half of last year was only more than 20 million yuan.


Similar to Guangzhou Restaurant, it achieved a net profit of 261 million yuan in the third quarter of last year and a net profit of only 384 million yuan last year.


Everyone knows what quarters there are in the third quarter.


Go and watch the gift box packaging. The price of a single-layer carton ranges from 10-20 yuan, and a single-layer wooden box and iron box range from 20-30 yuan. If it is a double-layer, the price is doubled, and the price is 40- Between 60, and the basket is sold for more than 65 yuan.

去看礼品盒包装。单yobo娱乐官方网站层纸箱的价格在10-20元之间,单层木箱和铁箱的价格在20-30元之间。如果是双层,则价格翻倍,价格在40- 60之间,篮子的售价超过65元。

This is just a simple packaging price. Any kind of mooncake of a different brand can be sold for 300 to 500 yuan in a basket.


From traditional food companies to light industry manufacturers, it is a good time to make money.


The Mid-Autumn Festival is actually a traditional festival in my country, which feeds traditional enterprises in my country.


Compared with moon cakes, the routine of hairy crab coupons is even better, but because the profits of hairy crabs are relatively low, many people don't know.


The hairy crabs act like a demon, which is much more than mooncakes.


Let me talk about two things that are well-known in the world. The first is the lack of a catty and the second is that crabs from all over the world take a bath in Yangcheng Lake.


In addition to the routine operation of the merchants, the lack of a catastrophe is an inevitable requirement under the prevalence of hairy crab coupons.


If the hairy crab coupons are purchased by consumers, they are most likely purchased online.


When the store delivers the goods, in addition to the fixed costs such as gift boxes and crabs, they actually have to ship twice, one is the physical gift certificate and the other is the crab.


Although the shop owner and the courier generally cooperate, the initial courier price of twelve or three yuan is only three or four yuan after discount, but no matter how small the crab is, it is meat.


The hard cost of express delivery cannot be saved, so it can only be shoddy on the crab.


In general, crab coupons are not bought by themselves, they are given by others, and even if they are exposed, few people will hold them accountable. Even if it is held accountable, it will not be so good. It will come back next year.


I said earlier that moon cake coupons are more like futures, so I think crab coupons are more like funds, or bank regulars.


The current crab coupons, in addition to the same futures cycle routine as moon cake coupons, also have a routine of "coming again next year" because of their higher value preservation effect.


For example, a manufacturer issued 1,000 copies of crab coupons. In fact, only 200 copies are allowed to be picked up this year, and the remaining 800 copies will be picked up next year or later.


In this way, the cost is left and the funds are deposited.


This kind of coupons for delivery the following year will always be rejected in the second year. According to the merchant, if the merchant does not actively intervene, about 20% of the people will not come to pick up the goods every year.


Or, by directly issuing two-year or three-year bonds, how many crabs are picked up every year, in the second and third years, the number of people picking up the goods is declining, but the payment is paid in the first year.


The way to make money is not only written in the criminal law, but also in the civil law.


I have written so much, and it can’t stop everyone’s enthusiasm for buying mooncakes and hairy crabs, or even myself. At this moment, there is a strawberry-filled mooncake given to me by a colleague on my desk.


I can't help but fall into the deep nostalgia for cloud-leg mooncakes and duck egg yolk mooncakes, and the mixed feelings for Wuren mooncakes.


Either futures mooncake coupons or regular hairy crab coupons can not stop our people's enthusiasm for traditional festivals. This is why these messy things are constantly banned and even getting better.


No matter what, I hope everyone keeps their eyes open, buys moon cakes with high cost performance, and spends the Mid-Autumn Festival happily.


Happy Mid-autumn Festival!